Keep The People Out, say Greens

Yesterday, at City Council, the Vision-era decision to hold public hearings at times when most of the public is unavailable (i.e., during weekday business hours) was finally overturned — but only just.

Under Council procedures, Clr Swanson’s abstention counts as a yes, and so by the barest of margins — 6 to 5 — Vision’s thoroughly undemocratic rules for eliminating public discussion of public business were defeated and a more people-friendly policy will take effect in 2021. CityHallWatch has a detailed look at the history.

I am amazed that this nearly lost. It might have seemed likely that Vision 2.0 (Mayor Stewart and Clr. Boyle) would oppose, but what were the Vancouver Greens thinking? I know that recently they have been happily leaning on the Vision-esque Americanized City staff for many of their thoughts and actions, but I could not believe they would be so publicly scornful of the public’s right to be part of the debate. It shows their fundamentally un-progressive position on so many issues outside of, perhaps, the environment.

I am glad that this Motion passed, but I am disappointed by what the voting shows about the Vancouver Greens

3 Responses to Keep The People Out, say Greens

  1. Alexg says:

    Do you whether the Greens presented any rationale for their position on this? Surely there must be some kind of context given, otherwise it just makes them look completely unelectable.

  2. jakking says:

    I just re-listened to Clr Carr on the Motion where she says that staff need more flexibility (apparently the public do not). The debate on this item begins here: starting at about 6:01.

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