Keep The People Out, say Greens

October 21, 2020

Yesterday, at City Council, the Vision-era decision to hold public hearings at times when most of the public is unavailable (i.e., during weekday business hours) was finally overturned — but only just.

Under Council procedures, Clr Swanson’s abstention counts as a yes, and so by the barest of margins — 6 to 5 — Vision’s thoroughly undemocratic rules for eliminating public discussion of public business were defeated and a more people-friendly policy will take effect in 2021. CityHallWatch has a detailed look at the history.

I am amazed that this nearly lost. It might have seemed likely that Vision 2.0 (Mayor Stewart and Clr. Boyle) would oppose, but what were the Vancouver Greens thinking? I know that recently they have been happily leaning on the Vision-esque Americanized City staff for many of their thoughts and actions, but I could not believe they would be so publicly scornful of the public’s right to be part of the debate. It shows their fundamentally un-progressive position on so many issues outside of, perhaps, the environment.

I am glad that this Motion passed, but I am disappointed by what the voting shows about the Vancouver Greens

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October 21, 2020

Grandview 21st October 1920

October 21, 2020
Vancouver World, 19201021, p.2

BC had experimented with Prohibition for a short while. However, the matter was put to a plebiscite on 21st October 1920 and the people voted by a wide margin to cancel Prohibition and start government-controlled liquor sales.

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