Night Music: Everything Gonna Be Alright

October 18, 2020

Broadway & Commercial: Have YOUR Say

October 18, 2020

Anyone who reads here on a regular basis will know that there is growing concern with the design decisions being made at the important Broadway & Commercial intersection — most particularly on what is known as the Safeway site.

Most of these proposals do not comply with the approved Grandview Community Plan, the recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly, the final recommendations of City of Vancouver Planning department in the Plan (prior to Council-driven amendments), nor the many views expressed at several community-rich meetings and workshops that have preceded this current proposal.

There are rumblings of a group organizing to protest and debate these decisions, I am glad to hear. One of the potential organizers of such a group has circulated an email reminding us to make sure City Council has YOUR views on what should happen at Commercial & Broadway.

You can do that by completing the very quick survey at:

I would encourage you to write today!

Grandview 18th October 1920

October 18, 2020
Vancouver Sun, 19201018, p.6

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Weather Photo of the Year 2020

October 18, 2020

The Royal Meteorological Society have announced the winner of this year’s Weather Photograph of the Year:

Blizzard: Rudolf Sulgan

From the images shortlisted, I also liked:

Tea Hills: Vu Trung Huan
Dam Wet: Andrew McCaren