We Have Seen The Future — and it Zooms!

Just read a fascinating article at Forbes about how Zoom wants to become the operating system of the future or, rather, an entire infrastructure service provider.

“In an interview, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan said … ‘Zoom is not a meeting anymore, it’s more like a people-centric infrastructure service. We can play online games, we can do so many things not like it used to be, where we talk or [use it] for business communications.”

As their next move to capture this space, Zoom has just launched Zapps,

“a feature that connects other apps directly in Zoom. By clicking a button at the bottom of Zoom’s interface, workers will be able to pull up Slack chats, Box or Dropbox documents and other tools from a range of productivity apps without leaving a Zoom room … In addition to Zapps, Zoom announced several other new projects at its annual customer conference on Wednesday, including the public beta of OnZoom, a platform and marketplace for online events that provides tools for hosts to schedule, sell tickets and promote events, and guests to search available events, buy tickets or make donations. 

In a world where we seem to be moving away from offices and have become quite comfortable with the paraphernalia of remote relationships, I can see Zoom being a key innovator — at least until it becomes big enough for Jeff Bezos to be interested in buying it out.

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