Better Holidays

On August 9, 1960, Harvard professor Timothy Leary consumed seven Psilocybe caerulescens mushrooms in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Five hours later, he experienced a “full blown conversion experience” next to a swimming pool.  It was Leary’s first drug trip.

Now, it doesn’t matter what your view of drugs might be, but wouldn’t it be more fun and relevant to have holidays based on important cultural events, such Tim’s first trip, or the day that Marshall McLuhan saw his first TV show, the premiere of “Steamboat Willie“, the date of Mary Quant’s first runway show, Elvis’s first appearance on Ed Sullivan, the first email, the launch of the iphone.  Stuff like that.

Each generation could then change them as needed.

One Response to Better Holidays

  1. Morbeau says:

    Sometimes when I need a brane holiday, I smoke some weed, then lie in a warm bath & play the harmonica. Works like a darn.

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