GWAC October 2020

The October meeting of the Grandview Woodland Area Council (GWAC) will be a ZOOM meeting on Monday 5th October at 7:00pm.

It will be a form of open mic affair for the GWAC Directors to listen to residents’ opinions. According to an email from a Director:

“[W]e’re approaching this meeting as an opportunity to hear from our members about the issue of housing and development in Grandview, in particular as it intersects with the current homelessness situation in the neighbourhood.

We’ll start with a bit of summary discussion about the current pressures on the neighbourhood, providing some background regarding the tent encampment situation as well as some of the current housing proposals in the works: the non-profit rental project at 1766 Frances, the fully market development project at 2300 Charles and the proposal for social housing on the Britannia site; then we’ll offer the members a chance to share their views regarding when and if the community plan should be relaxed for a project providing community benefit and what housing is the right fit.

The goal of the meeting is to hear from our membership to inform the direction GWAC should follow on these issues.”

I’m sure someĀ divergent voices will be heard on these issues. I wonder if any of the Vancouver-Hastings candidates will join us?

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 842 4151 8316

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