Changes On The Drive #110

It was a splendid T-shirt day to go walking down the Drive yesterday; hopefully, these sunny days will carry us well into October.

The former cannabis dispensary at 2137 Commercial is still closed but the rebranding for a re-opening is coming along well:


The former site of Falcone’s (bar and butchery) at 1810-1812 Commercial has morphed quickly into a place called Social. i am told it is owned by the Harbour Oyster Bar people, but I have not confirmed that yet.



My BBQ Hut at 1678 Commercial appears to have closed. There is a “Coming Soon” notice in the window without further information.


The storefront at 1303 Commercial has been taken over this month as the election office for the NDP.

Mogu at 1012 Commercial is now open, and gets a shout out from the Daily Hive.

The tiny store at 931 Commercial is being refitted and will soon re-open as a Covid Cafe.


Vacancies on the Drive this month: 

2277 Commercial (vacant 15 months), 2223 (19 months), 2137 (8 months), 2111 (5 months), 1875 (1 month), 1818 (5 months), 1752 (8 months), 1748 (2 months), 1740 (14 months), 1728 (6 months), 1678 (1 month), 1608 (9 months), 1433 (3 months), 1314 (4 months), 1305 (6 months), 1003 (7 months), 935 (8 months), 931 (3 months).


We have retreated a little from the high of storefront vacancies of the previous few months. And, of the 18 empty storefronts this month, at least 7 are being refitted with hopes for an early re-opening.

Once again, Renzo’s Cafe, and Penelope’s are still  not operating  but neither seems closed.

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2 Responses to Changes On The Drive #110

  1. Ferry Seagull says:

    1303 Commercial (known as the former Elizabeth Bakery) is on the west side of the street.
    Vancouver Hastings (provincial electoral district) is on the east side of Commercial Drive to Boundary Road.
    On the west side of Commercial Drive starts the Provincial Electoral district of Hastings-Mount Pleasant, and goes west to Main Street.

    Map of V-MP

    Click to access VMP_ED.pdf

    Who is using 1303 Commercial?

  2. Ferry Seagull says:

    By the way, the Ex-Salonika Taverna at 1815 Commercial, now called the Park Drive restaurant in east Vancouver has a Covid-19 warning.

    Vancouver Sun:Tiffany Crawford
    Publishing date:Oct 01, 2020 • Last Updated 10 hours ago
    The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority is asking anyone who visited Park Drive restaurant at 1815 Commercial Dr. on Sept. 26 to self-monitor for symptoms of the virus

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