Why Is The Nanny State Against Me?

These days you cannot get a bag of peanuts on an airplane, and peanuts and peanut products are completely banned at schools. Why? Because the rest of us have to sacrifice in order to protect the small minority of kids and adults who have a life-threatening allergy to the snacks.  I actually don’t agree with the ban but, OK we’ll let it go.

Years ago, the nanny state banned lawn darts even though no child had ever been killed or seriously damaged by one.  That’s a really dumb rule, but still …

My wife and I and several other folks I know have a tendency to stop breathing when confronted with heavy perfume smells. Not get upset or angry or disturbed, but actually stop breathing. I wouldn’t want people to stop using whatever perfume they want but I would like a campaign to educate those people doused in the stuff not to get into crowded spaces, like transit or elevators.

Is that too much to ask from the nannies?  Where are they when I need them?

2 Responses to Why Is The Nanny State Against Me?

  1. My granddaughter had an anaphylactic allergy to peanuts until she was about 12. If she was exposed to peanuts, she would likely die. She still carries and epilepsy-pen with her wherever she goes. She’s 16 now and she did go through an innovative treatment that has pretty much cured her; disallowing the other kids in her school from bringing peanuts or peanut butter probably saved her life. These allergies are FAR more prevalent than they were when we were kids. In fact, I cannot remember anyone I knew ever being allergic to peanuts until post-2000. But it’s very real and very serious.
    I even agree with you about perfumes (and laundry detergent and softener odours!).
    But it irks me when you only care about “nanny state” rules when it affects you.

  2. not epilepsy-pen. God. spell-check. epi-pen. Not episode-pen either!

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