Covid-19 Warning for Commercial Drive

September 29, 2020

This afternoon, according to Vancouver is Awesome, Vancouver Coastal Health issued a warning for patrons of the ABRUZZO Cappuccino bar at 1321 Commercial.

The incident occurred between 23 September and 26 September, between 1pm and 3pm.  Anyone who was in the cafe at those times should self-isolate for two weeks.

The Policies of Deliberate Exclusion

September 29, 2020

For those who haven’t already seen this brilliant TED talk by “professional rabble-rouser” Dave Meslin given a decade ago now, please spend six minutes to watch and learn. Meslin explains in compelling simplicity how policies of “deliberate exclusion” work to create an apathetic and inactive electorate.  It is timely given our own electoral happenings.

That’s what Civics lessons ought to be about.

Even In War, Simple Often Wins

September 29, 2020

There is an article in the Independent on Sunday on the recent discovery of sunken German submarines from the Second World War, and the underwater archaeology that has shown how many of them were sunk. It appears that many more were destroyed by mines than has previously been acknowledged. The author, David Keys, notes that “over-enthusiastic airmen and escort ship commanders … sometimes claimed they had sunk U-boats with depth charges or anti-submarine mortars,” claims which research has shown to be unlikely at best.

While the article had general historical interest, I was also intrigued to note that the simple and comparatively inexpensive solution to the problem of coastal-patrolling German U-Boats — mines — was not publicly recognized by the senior military and civilian brass.  They preferred to go with the fiction that their expensive anti-submarine toys on and above the oceans had created success.  That decision allowed them to design and order ever more expensive and sophisticated “solutions” to problems in a never-ending process rather than learn whatever lessons the cheap mine could offer.

And the beneficiary? The military-industrial complex (as Eisenhower so carefully warned us a half century ago) and the politico-civil service infrastructure that supports and feeds the complex.

It’s just nuts that we allow this to go on.

Image: Life Like A Movie

September 29, 2020

Grandview 29th September 1920

September 29, 2020

Vancouver Sun, 19200929, p.7

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The French Really Know …

September 29, 2020

… how to advertise orange juice!