Trumpeting His Own Stupidity

September 18, 2020

I just received another email from President Donald Trump. It says, in part:

“The FIRST Presidential Debate is coming up soon and I could really use the help of one of my BEST supporters, like YOU, to prepare. I’m inviting YOU to meet in the Nation’s capital so we can discuss what my debate strategy will be.

I am only reaching out to a few Patriots that I trust with this information, so please, do not share this email, Jak.”

Apparently a Canadian anarchist is a “Patriot” he thinks he can trust.  I wonder how many Russians got this email?

Sometimes A Chore

September 18, 2020

After five full days of work, I have finally completed the index to my new book, “Battleground: Grandview“.

Ten years after I did the index to “The Drive“, I had forgotten just what a tedious chore indexing can be. But I do think that indexes are an important addition to a non-fiction work, and so I hope it is worth the effort.

Night Music: Jimi Hendrix

September 18, 2020

Hard to believe it is 50 years today since Hendrix died. Such a loss.

Community Policing Office is Hiring

September 18, 2020


The Grandview-Woodland Community Policing Center is looking for a part-time volunteer coordinator.

The Grandview-Woodland Community Policing Centre is dedicated to providing crime prevention assistance and education to the Commercial Drive corridor and surrounding area.  Reporting to the Executive Director, the primary role of a volunteer coordinator is to recruit, train, and schedule and oversee the work for our volunteers.  Do you have a passion for helping others, enjoy working in a team environment, and looking for a flexible schedule?

Email us your resume today at

Grandview 18th September 1920

September 18, 2020

Province</> 19200918, p.7

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