Slow Streets

Some of Grandview’s streets are part of a small network called slow streets where traffic calming measures are in place to encourage walking and cycling.

City Council has asked staff to reallocate up to 11 per cent of Vancouver roadways for things like slow streets; therefore, the City of Vancouver wants to hear from residents about this initiative.

They would like residents to complete the slow streets survey.

“We’re trying to get feedback on them, kind of how they’re going, what they’re seeing out on the streets, are they working for them, are there improvements they’d like to see?” said Paul Storer, director of transportation for Vancouver. “Did we miss some streets that really should be identified? That’s going to inform some of what comes next.”

Storer said the biggest complaint about the slow streets so far is that there is still too much vehicle traffic on them. This month staff will add more signs and barriers to try to further reduce traffic.

One Response to Slow Streets

  1. I have completed the survey. While I am a driver, I am also a daily walker of wide swathes of the neighbourhood and I would love to see all side streets as slow streets.

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