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August 1, 2020

Grandview 1st August 1920

August 1, 2020

Vancouver Sun 19200801, p.8

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Changes on the Drive #108

August 1, 2020

I suspect that yesterday was the muggiest, closest, heaviest day of the year — just what I needed for the walk on the Drive! Thank goodness I know every single sitting down place between Broadway and Venables!


Big piece in The Tyee on JQ Clothing at 2120 Commercial:

“[F]or the past 20 years, the Commercial Drive store has been a safe haven for members of the LGBTQ2+ community. Acceptance is the order of the day, and JQ Clothing is a place for people to come out, hang out and try out new clothing and new identities. Rave wear, costumes, burlesque supplies: it caters to all sizes, lifestyles and identities.”

The former Moroccan restaurant space at 1851 Commercial has now reopened as BC Donair.

Falconetti’s at 1812-14 Commercial has brown paper all over the windows again. I am loathe to call it closed yet as they seem to have powers of sudden rejuvenation.


I am sad to report that LaLa’s gift boutique at 1748 Commercial is closing, probably in September. Her store in Deep Cove may already have closed by the time you read this. This has been my go-to place for odd gifts on the Drive since Urban Empire closed so long ago.

Very nice piece about the Everloving’s favourite store Dolce Amore at 1588 Commercial and its remarkable gelatos.

I am hearing rumours about upcoming changes at the Medical Clinic at 1515 Commercial; not sure how that is going to pan out yet.

The mobile phone store at 1411 Commercial is still open, but there is a prominent For Lease sign on the building.


The always popular Livia restaurant at 1399 now has its patio open on Grant Street.

Bikram Yoga at 1109 Commercial is in trouble again. This time, they have banned clients from wearing masks in the studio even though they are advised to do so by Provincial Health.

The newly opened Lunch Lady restaurant at 1046 Commercial has been busy every day. An artist is in the process of putting up a splendid mural on their wall along Napier.


I am glad to see that Spank clothing has re-emerged at 1027 Commercial. It looked dead as a door nail last month.

That odd looking clothing store called Sinn Sativa at 931 seems to be closed. It is empty at least.


No surprise that DownLow Chicken Shack at 905 Commercial gets rated as one of the best fried chicken places in Vancouver.

Finally, I want to make note of Renzo’s Cafe at 1301, Making Merry at 1206, and Penelope’s at 1009 Commercial which have not yet re-opened, though they show no signs of closing down.



Vacancies on the Drive this month: 

2277 Commercial (vacant 13 months), 2233 (17 months), 2137 (6 months), 2111 (3 months), 1875 (3 months), 1816 (3 months), 1752 (6 months), 1740 (12 months), 1728 (4 months), 1608 (7 months), 1433 (1 month), 1319 (3 months), 1312 (2 months), 1305 (4 months), 1303 (10 months), 1012 (10 months), 1003 (5 months), 935 (6 months), 931 (1 month).

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