Writing Relief

On 18th May this year, I wrote the first notes about a book I wanted to write. Today, on 5th July, I finished a good draft, 110,000 words. I had forgotten how very satisfying it can be to have completed a long story from beginning to end.

Lots of work, yet, to improve the manuscript, but I am satisfied I have the bones of a decent book.

Perhaps now I’ll have time to put more interesting stuff on this blog?

2 Responses to Writing Relief

  1. good news, Jak! during covid, a friend of a friend writes every morning for 3 hours and works in the garden in the afternoons. she says she doesn’t want to stop at the end of the 3 hours. I’m sure the same holds true for her work in the garden. being booky and an editor, I’m always happy and interested when people are writing. for me, I like to ‘have written’….. / LA

    • jakking says:

      Thanks! My rule is to set a certain number of words each day. When I reach that number, I get to choose whether to carry on or goof off.

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