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May 6, 2020

Eric Phillips: Neighbourhood Treasure

May 6, 2020

In Japan, they designate a select number of senior craftspeople and artisans as Living National Treasures (人間国宝 Ningen Kokuhō.)  Those so honoured are treated with great deference and this indicates the respect that they have earned in their lifetimes in their particular fields.

In that light, I want to suggest that Eric Phillips be honoured as one of Grandview’s Living Treasures.

I know Eric as an enthusiastic member and organizer of the Grandview Heritage Group, the Grandview Gardening Club, and the Britannia Neighbours. He is also a keen member of an historic car club. In each of these endeavours, he is the first to put up his hand when volunteers are needed, and he puts in the hours needed to satisfy every request. Eric is a man of seemingly Herculean strength, always willing to take on the heavy lifting for an event and doing it with a smile. Moreover, he is keen and eager to share the knowledge that he has.

Outside these organized groups, Eric is known by his friends and neighbours as a man who will help with even the most major repairs and restorations to houses and streetscapes.  And beyond all this he still finds the time and energy to assist his disabled brother.

A generous and kind man, in the years that I have known him I have never heard Eric say a harsh word to or about anyone.  He is truly a man one can look up to as an example of how a good community-based life can be lived.

I was triggered to write this by the erection of a plaque celebrating Eric’s lovely house.


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Snacks Tonight #33

May 6, 2020

A couple of weeks ago I made a gluten-free chocolate cake that was divine to taste, but my photograph was terrible.  Tonight I made it again, and here is a much better shot of it, served in my favourite way with sour cream and raspberries.


Made only with 75% cocoa chocolate and eggs, I find that this does not negatively affect my blood sugar levels.

Grandview 6th May 1920

May 6, 2020

Sun 19200506, p.1

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