Night Music: Hymn of the Cherubim

May 4, 2020

Wise Words for the Plague Year

May 4, 2020

Wise Words 20160609

Grandview 4th May 1920

May 4, 2020

Sun 19200504, p.12


Albert and Nora Rhodes opened a furniture store at 1112 Commercial in 1918. They lived on the premises.  By 1920 they had moved to 1146 Commercial.  They closed the store in 1922.  This image (VPL 7402) shows the store next to Grandview Stationery in 1921.


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Poem: Aromamore

May 4, 2020


was it the jitterbug perfume

she poured on my soul

— the fragrance of an everlasting kiss —

that keeps me staring

into the dark?

my neglected work

— lying angry like an abandoned maiden

scattered across my desk —

shivers with jealousy

as I part the curtains once more

and stare into that scented slice

of memory


America Eating Its Young

May 4, 2020

Today is the 50th anniversary of Ohio National Guardsman shooting dead four unarmed students at Kent State. Eleven other kids were injured.

Although the President’s Commission on Campus Violence equivocated and blamed both Guardsmen and students, it did finally conclude that “the indiscriminate firing of rifles into a crowd of students and the deaths that followed were unnecessary, unwarranted, and inexcusable.”

It was murder, pure and simple, though the US justice system refused to press charges against the Guardsmen.  After all, as Nixon himself said just a few days before the massacre, student protesters were just bums.

Lest we forget.