A Ransom For A Bed

About ten years ago, I reported on a bed that started at $38,000 and went up to $210,000.  I thought that was pretty ridiculous. Now, there is a bed that costs almost half a million!


This is an image of Drake’s new Grand Vivendus bed from Hastens.

“The bed is entirely hand-made and it takes master craftsmen at least 600 hours to assemble and hand-stitch each mattress and trunk-inspired base at the sixth generation, family-run factory in Köping, Sweden, where Hästens beds have been constructed since 1852.”

Fans of the bed claim it helps move elite athletes from bronze medals to gold, helps CEOs increase productivity, and can help solve your back problems. The bed’s exclusive saleman says:

“What’s sleep worth to you? My clients actually tell me that their sleep is worth millions and millions of dollars because if they can get high quality sleep, they can turn that into big bucks.”

Frankly I just yawn when I hear such pitches,  But, as he will reply, there is already a waiting list for this luxury.

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