Chronicles of the Plague Year #6

It was time to break out of my isolation to get some banking and pharmacy business taken care of.  My haz-mat gear included latex gloves and an ancient N95 mask that I only just learned how to wear properly. The weather was way too warm for all that stuff.

It is a week of learning; not only did I learn how to wear my mask, but I also finally learned how to make a deposit through an ATM.  I know, I know; I am a slow learner.  But in my defence, most of the cheques I receive are direct deposits and with the few others I prefer a human teller to a machine. So, with the branch closed and a cheque in hand, this was the first time. No idea if it worked.

The always wonderful folks at Shoppers on the Drive had everything ready for me and so I crossed the street to catch a bus home. The first bus to come along passed by with his “Bus Full” sign flashing. It still seems odd to see a full bus with just a dozen people on it.  So I waited for the next, and that gave me a lot of time to really observe the new pedestrian etiquette. I was surprised, frankly, about how serious everyone is taking this:  very deliberate attempts to keep distance; standing in doorways rather than blocking the sidewalk; singles rather than groups; and a lot more masks than last week.  I wonder how much of this we will retain when the new normal arrives.

The longest line up I saw today was at the Post Office where, at one point, a line of about ten people snaked along the block to the corner, each six feet apart.

Finally, as I sat in the Park for a while. There were small huddles of us, singles, couples, dogs, spaced around the green. I saw one of our regular street folks pushing a big Paper recycling bin north along Salsbury, though I doubt that was covid-19 related.



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