Chronicles Of The Plague Year #4

Today was our first rely-on-someone-else-for-shopping day of our three week self-isolation.

To set the tone I have to mention that the Everloving is a champion shopper; she could shop for Canada in the Olympics.  She keeps a larder, tracks prices, befriends every storekeeper on the Drive, wants to feel and touch everything, and actually loves going to the grocers.  This isolation business has put quite a dent in her travels. She had been out on a couple of days to do major shopping but for the last week or so she has remained at home as the cautionary warnings have become a more constant drumbeat.

I, too, have been diligent in my stay-at-home-ness, though I did sneak out to the corner store yesterday for some essentials.

So, on to today.  It began yesterday when the latest in a line of good friends called to offer any assistance we might need. (This crisis has shown what an interesting support web one has around one even when the relationships were never designed that way).  Anyway, when he called yesterday, the Everloving was just in the right mood to say yes.

That led to endless toiling over a detailed shopping list, emails, and several clarifying/scheduling calls with the friend.  More calls were needed from the friend when the store he was at didn’t have a particular item requested and alternatives were offered and usually rejected.

And then the waiting.

And when it did arrive we were, of course, grateful and fulsome in our thanks. We wiped down everything before packing them away, and added the few things he had forgotten, like potatoes and peas, to the list we made for our own next trip out.

This coming together of community support is truly wonderful, but there’s a surprising amount of nervous energy involved.

Tonight we stood out on the porch to view the super moon. It was large and shockingly bright. That calmed us down.

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