Night Music: Under The Boardwalk

March 26, 2020

Chronicles of the Plague Year #2

March 26, 2020

The Everloving and I have been retired for quite a good number of years now.  That means that we have come to terms with being with each other all day, not having a schedule or routine fixed by anybody else, and having the right and ability to do nothing for long periods of time.  Thus — other than not being able to slip out for coffee — this shelter-in-place business is second nature to us.

That “ability to do nothing for long periods of time” along with serious napping is key.

However, I have noticed on social media that people unused to isolation and relaxation have taken to spring cleaning, or gardening, or building things to pass the time, and telling us all about it. I would urge them all to try serious napping but, in the meanwhile, they have spurred me to action: I decided to empty and wash down our fridge.

My God! Who knew that so many different things — jams and sauces, salsas and anchovies, dressings and dips and strange chopped up vegetables — could be bottled in so many different containers?  Laid out on the kitchen counter it seems impossible to imagine they can all fit in the fridge and still leave room for real food. And I daren’t even look at the best-before dates.

And then there are the left-overs that somehow got pushed to the back of fridge. Some of them are left over from the Middle Ages, I think!

Phew.  Now it’s all clean and we have enough space to order in a truckload of goodies.

That’s my job done for the week.  Now for some serious napping while I plan next week’s job.

Grandview 26th March 1920

March 26, 2020

“Province”, 19200326, p.30