Chronicles of the Plague Year #1

The Everloving and I finally left our self-isolation today to go shopping for the first time in a week.  We found an Evo car nearby and headed out to SuperValu, Santa Barbara’s, and the corner store.

I was a little surprised at how well stocked the supermarket shelves were (I didn’t check the paper products aisle), but there were a number of signs limiting the amounts one could buy. It certainly wasn’t crowded and most people kept their distance. At the checkout it was like the old days, packing one’s own bags, which were not allowed to even rest on the counter. But then there was the elevator.

There is a small (4-person) elevator going down to the parking. In front of us was a middle-aged lady, and behind us a young woman.  When the elevator came, the middle-aged lady went in. We hung back, not wanting to share such a small space. When she saw we were not going in, the young woman barged around us and into the elevator. The first lady made it abundantly clear that she was not sharing, and the girl backed out, shocked, seemingly oblivious to the current situation.  A minute later, when the elevator returned, we walked in and told the girl we were not sharing either. She was mad but, I have to admit, she didn’t curse and yell.

The Drive looked desolate as we drove back, with so many restaurants bars and cafes closed.  Oddly enough, while Beckwoman’s is not often open even at the best of times, she had decided to be there today.

Next to the corner store on Venables there is a storefront with a large sign inviting customers to a “soon to be open” cafe. It looked forlorn and I suspect that “soon” is not just around the corner.



One Response to Chronicles of the Plague Year #1

  1. Dorothy Barkley says:

    I drove over to the NOrth Shore to check on my favourite dog walking trail and the parking lot was packed so I headed to. Superstore, where there was a queue outside which discouraged me. Then headed home via Hastings and stopped at Shoppers which was virtually empty, as were the streets. More cars on the road than expected though. Interesting times. Supply chains are working so I hope those panicked shoppers will see that hoarding is unnecessary and certainly unhelpful.

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