R.I.P. Sam Buonassisi

I am deeply saddened to hear of the death of Sam Buonassisi, one of Commercial Drive’s leading businessmen for many decades.  His funeral is today.

Sam purchased the old Magnet Hardware store from Sid Bowman in July 1964. In 1972 he moved the business to the former Royal Bank building at 1575 Commercial where it continues to this day.  Over the years, Sam purchased a number of important buildings on the Drive and became a mainstay in the neighbourhood.

When I was writing my history of the Drive, Sam was always helpful and friendly with background information. I shall miss seeing him patrolling his parking on Graveley.

My condolences to his family.

2 Responses to R.I.P. Sam Buonassisi

  1. Ferry Seagull says:

    And he took in the staff when Manitoba Hardware & Furniture closed kitty corner at 1710 Commercial Drive. (Next to and part of Manitoba Home Furnishings at 1714).

    There was a Red and White (small grocery chain) across the street from the Royal Bank/Magnet hardware.
    [ Safeway was a small corner store chain then, and fitted in 1715 Commercial ]

    And Sam and everyone missed the Cottage Coffee Shop at 1617 Commercial, a diner where everyone shared the tables or the counter during the morning and at lunch.
    That block was torn down for the Health Dept/Drive Market mall building on the site.

  2. He was a great person who was amazing in contributing to our community.

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