Remembering Doug & The Slugs


When I was first here in East Vancouver in the late 70s and early 80s, the go-to local band was Doug & The Slugs, and they helped me have some great times.  Though I was more a devotee of the punk and thrash scene at Smiling Buddha, I always enjoyed the Slugs.

I knew Doug Bennett had died in 2004 and I didn’t think much more about the band except for the odd occasion when I heard “Making It Work” or “Too Bad” on the radio.  I had not kept up with the fact that they had regrouped in 2009 and had a new lead singer.  So, it was a really pleasant surprise for me to find this poster on a pole on Commercial Drive yesterday.


All the good memories came flooding back in a wave of nostalgia. Good times.

One Response to Remembering Doug & The Slugs

  1. Keith says:

    Doug and the Slugs were great performers at the club level. Doug Bennett worked at the Georgia Strait in the mid seventies, recounted by Bob Geldof in his autobiography.

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