Anniversaries and the Circle of Life

Twenty years ago today, on 1st February 2000, my father died in London.  He had had serious respiratory problems for a few years prior, but he was in his favourite chair quietly watching TV when the heart attack took him.  I was working with a client in Oklahoma that week and somehow the message got through to me. I was close with my Dad, but my mother and I were estranged and we had not spoken for many years at that time. We had a short call that day that resolved nothing between us.

For the previous month or so, the lady who would become the Everloving and I had been flirting online at Utne Cafe. She lived near Wichita, Kansas, and we had arranged — because it was so close — for me to fly up from Oklahoma that evening.  So, twenty years ago today was the first time she and I actually met.

The circle of life. One life ended, and another partnership began, twenty years ago today.

One Response to Anniversaries and the Circle of Life

  1. Dorothy Barkley says:

    Happy anniversary Jak & Sherry, and I hope you enjoy your memories of your Dad. My mother died on my son’s birthday, so it is always a day of celebration of life, because I adore my son, and sadness mixed with happy memories of my Mom.

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