Small World Video Winners

December 21, 2019

The following are the finalists of the Nikon Small World competition for 2019. Fascinating stuff!

Snacks Tonight #31

December 21, 2019


I made northern English-style pork pies.  First time I made hot water pastry, I believe.

Image: Business of Fishing

December 21, 2019

Writing For Dollars

December 21, 2019

For some, writing can be a very lucrative business.  Forbes magazine has compiled a list of the top five earning authors of 2019:

  1. $92m — J.K. Rowling
  2. $70m — James Patterson
  3. $36m — Michele Obama
  4. $20m — Jeff Kinney
  5. $17m — Stephen King

Other than Michele Obama, the names will be familiar to those who saw the report in March this year that tracked the top writers’ earnings from 2008-2018.  As I wrote then, the rich get a great deal richer.

I doubt that the new anti-transgender controversy concerning Rowling will affect her income to any great extent.