Night Music: God Only Knows

October 20, 2019

Story Telling On The Drive

October 20, 2019


Local award-winning storyteller Jo Dworschak will be hosting a storytelling event she calls Rackle at Cafe Deux Soleils at 8:00pm on October 30th.

She hopes this will be monthly event, featuring a number of local story tellers.  It is a great venue for it.

Female In Focus

October 20, 2019

The British Journal of Photography has established a new annual award called Female in Focus ” that aims to highlight the exceptional quality of work by women photographers around the world – in an industry that still has some considerable way to go to achieve gender parity.”

The Guardian has a selection of the winners. My own favourite is this:

Sandra Minten: With water there is life

Select image for a better view.