Night Music: At Last

October 12, 2019

Roger Farr at People’s Co-op Bookstore

October 12, 2019

Next Wednesday, 16th October, at 7:30pm Roger Farr will be launching his new book at People’s Co-op Bookstore, 1391 Commercial Drive.  As per their flyer:

“It ain’t no Lonely Planet guidebook.  Roger Farr‘s I Am a City Still But Soon I Shan’t Be … The nine-part, book-length travelogue takes the reader through the streets of Vancouver, New York, Berlin, Siracusa, and Nanaimo, exploring the sites of capitalism’s domination of the urban subject. It’s Farr’s first book since IKMQ (2012), a finalist for the Dorothy LIvesay Prize, and should help allay the concerns, of some, that what he writes isn’t really poetry at all.”

As always, this is a free event and everyone is welcome.

Biology Photos Of The Year

October 12, 2019

The Guardian has published the shortlist for this year’s Royal Society of Biology’s Photograph of the Year.  As usual, the images are of the very highest quality. My own favourite is this:


“Falling Leaves are Blue” by Kallol Mukerhjee

Select image above for a much better view.  All of the shortlist images are worth spending time with.