Kids Abandon TV

At least in the UK, youth have abandoned TV almost completely.

“While the average person aged 65 and over watches 33 minutes of TV news a day, this falls to just two minutes among people aged 16-24, according the [British] media regulator’s annual news consumption report.  The decline has been driven by audiences moving away from traditional live broadcast channels, where they might watch a popular drama and leave the channel on during the evening news bulletin, towards watching catchup content from streaming services … TV news is still the main way that the British public learn about current affairs, however, in part because older viewers have remained loyal to traditional services …

“The Ofcom report also highlights that annual sales of national print newspapers have halved from 22m in 2010 to 10.4m in 2018 …

“The findings provide further evidence that the British media is splitting along generational and ethnic lines. Older people and white Britons are largely sticking with television and print newspaper outlets, while younger people and those from minority ethnic backgrounds are following a largely separate news agenda on social media.”

As “an average person aged 65 and over” in Vancouver, I do watch about 33 minutes of TV news each day, but that is local news. TV news is definitely NOT “the main way that [I] learn about current affairs”.  That honour goes to online news sources, both online versions of print newspapers and other online and social networking sites.  Not sure if that is good or bad, but it is the way it is.

It would be interesting to see some comparative figures from other countries.



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