Grandview’s Ghosts

September 5, 2019

James Johnstone, one of the finest urban historians working in Vancouver today, has linked up with paranormal investigator Kati Ackerman to present an interesting take on a history walk this coming weekend. The following is from the relevant Meetup site:

“If you are have an interest in Vancouver’s history and/or spirits and exploring the world of the paranormal, then this Special Photo Walk of Vancouver’s hippest, historic and most likely haunted neighbourhood is for you. There will be dozens and dozens of wonderful photo opportunities. James will explain the history of what we see and Kati will share with us about whom she sees and what she hears from the spirits along the way ……. Let’s see which houses, old churches and other buildings along the way are haunted. And who knows? ……… Maybe your camera will catch a ghost!”

The walk begins at 10:00am on Sunday, September 8th, and will last about two and a half hours.  More details at Meetup.

Image: Duck In Blue

September 5, 2019