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September 1, 2019

Changes On The Drive #97

September 1, 2019

When I started the walk yesterday, the day was cool and pleasant. By the time I got home it had become as muggy as a tropical forest. Oh well, it was a joy to be out.

Not much change at the southern end of the Drive.  However, the old Smoke Shop at 1840 Commercial has now become a tattoo parlour (one of quite a few on the Drive these days).

I am glad to have been corrected by a commenter last month that both sides of Falconetti’s at 1810-1812 are back open as a restaurant, including the upstairs balcony.

However, the Babylon Tea Company at 1740 Commercial does not seem well. Someone has at least picked up the mail from the doorstep since last month, but otherwise it still seems very closed.  I am going to declare it vacant this month. I can always reverse that decision if it springs back to life.

The space just around the corner at 1706 E. 1st has now become the Oh Sweet Day! Bake Shop operated by food blogger Fanny Lamm.  It is a spot that recently failed with another pastry shop, and they now have the added competition of Dive In Desserts at 1706 Commercial.  I wish them all good fortune.

The Ugly Dumpling restaurant at 1590 Commercial has made it to the list of nominees for Canada’s Best New Restaurant of 2019.  Well done to them!

The former Maz convenience store is in the process of becoming yet another mobile phone store.  I realize that my non-phone bias is showing, but do we really need three of these places in such close proximity?


The Wilder Juice place at 1128 Commercial seems to have bitten the dust.

Finally, the building at 1102 Commercial, which was the first brick building on the Drive when it was erected in 1910, has now received a Heritage Plaque.  Some of my friends will say that the owners don’t deserve the recognition because of the monstrosity  of what they putting up on the car park behind. I have some sympathy with that, but the building itself is important and I hope that being recognized may save it from further depredation in the future.


Vacancies on the Drive this month:  2277 Commercial (2 months vacant), 2223 (6 months), 1740 (1 month), 1735 (11 months), 1544 (3 months), 1260 (2 months), 1128 (1 month).


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