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August 31, 2019

Night Music: PYNK

August 30, 2019

Wise Words

August 29, 2019

Image: Still Life #2

August 29, 2019

Night Music: O’Sullivan’s March

August 28, 2019

Image: City Walk In Fall

August 27, 2019

Night Music: Crossroads

August 26, 2019

A Day of Anniversaries

August 26, 2019

Today is the 80th anniversary of the first televised MLB game.  The Brooklyn Dodgers played the Cincinnati Reds at Ebert Field, and a whole new class of couch potatoes was born.




Today is also the 60th anniversary of the introduction of the Mini car, which revolutionized transportation, especially in England.  The designer, Alex Issigones, was knighted for his efforts.



Poem: Last Playboy of the West End

August 26, 2019


He stands erect

his jacket checked at the door.

Surveys the floor

where dancers more or less perform

to an MTV norm

writhing and circling by.

With his casual clothes

and his casual attitude

to casual sex

he is already a casualty

rushing headlong for an accident

and it meets him tonight in the form of


a Barbie-doll beauty with C-cup breasts

and a heart full of

barbarous revenge.

She picks him

she tricks him

she licks

his ego

until he stands tall and hopeful.

He buys her a drink and engages in chat

while he makes sure that

he doesn’t smell too bad.

“Come back to my pad

and fuck me,” she croons

He swoons and tries to play it cool

but his head bobs up and down

like a fat man on a trampoline.

She drives

he strives to keep it in his pants

tries to make small talk

but just kind of rants

about nothing in particular,

his cock bent reticular in anticipation.

She parks and barks,

“We’re here.”

In the condo

he tries to fondle her charms,

but she wriggles from his arms.

“Show me what you got to arouse us.”

So he drops his trousers.


His flagpole slowly wanes in the breeze of her

obvious indifference.

Less than impressed

she refuses to divest

the clothes from her blessed


Instead, like a cat, she screeches,

“Whaddya call that?

Some kind of bonsai?

I’ve had 12 year olds bigger than you, boy,

and 70 year old royals making me come.

So I’m not gonna sleep

with some self-absorbed creep

with a prick the size of my thumb.”


He went home by bus

didn’t make a fuss

just pulled the trigger

gave a small shiver

like the third orgasm of the night

It was the first thing he’d done right

all day.



A Parade of Cars

August 25, 2019

I was standing at the bus stop at Commercial & Adanac this afternoon when a whole parade of American muscle cars went by.  Most were of the elongated and colourful variety. There must have been two dozen of them.  I managed to get shots of three.

I’m not interested in cars that much but these were fun to watch drive by.

A Masterpiece

August 25, 2019

There are a few moments in time when sport reaches the level of poetry and art, when grown men shed tears of pure emotion, when the heart beats fiercely, and words are hard to come by.  One of those moments in time happened today at the Ashes Test match at Headingley.

It is hard to describe for anyone not familiar with cricket but, essentially the Old Enemy Australia set England what seemed like an almost impossible task but which with luck and guile and the skills of one man in particular, England won at the very last minute.  Almost the entire country seemed to be watching and, when the final stroke had secured the improbable victory, the whole country exploded with utter joy, an outburst of raptuous emotion that England has needed for a while,

What must it feel like to be Ben Stokes, England’s hero of the day?  Almost single-handed he blasted the last sixty or seventy runs needed, and saved the match and the Ashes for England.  Even the oft-depressed Sir Geoffrey Boycott was exuberant:  “I’ve seen some remarkable cricket moments in my life but that is the best I’ve seen in over 50 years. Ben Stokes  saved the Ashes and gave a magical inspirational innings.”

Now, we go forward to the fourth match of the series, with the scores one win each, with one draw.  England already seems happy with its bowlers and now, with this magnificent batting effort in the second innings eclipsing our disastrous first innings outing, we can look forward with confidence to the final two matches.

Image: New Orleans Windows

August 25, 2019

Night Music: Unchained Melody

August 24, 2019

Still Remembering Sacco & Vanzetti

August 23, 2019

This is the 92nd anniversary of the murder by the State of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti for the crime of being anarchists.



“What from the splendid dead
We have inherited –
Furrows sweet to the grain, and the weed subdued –
See now the slug and the mildew plunder.
Evil does not overwhelm
The larkspur and the corn;
We have seen them go under.

Let us sit here, sit still,
Here in the sitting-room until we die;
At the step of Death on the walk, rise and go;
Leaving to our children’s children this beautiful doorway,
And this elm,
And a blighted earth to till
With a broken hoe.”

— Edna St Vincent Millay “Justice Denied in Massachusetts

Lest we forget.

Image: Greenspace #6

August 23, 2019

Night Music: I’m Waiting For The Day

August 22, 2019

Wise Words

August 21, 2019

Image: Still Life #1

August 21, 2019

Night Music: Think For Yourself

August 20, 2019

Image: My Legs

August 19, 2019