Night Music: Don’t Talk

July 22, 2019

More about Work

July 22, 2019

I have today published a geographic analysis of the 1911 Census for Grandview, along with a map showing the distribution of population change in the district between 1911 and 1921.

For those interested in our local history, please visit the Grandview Heritage website.

Poem: Alphabetizing Two Worlds

July 22, 2019



It was easy to place History before Politics,

Medicine before Physicians; and

“Snow Fell on Cedars”

had to come after

“Escape From Alcatraz”.

But how was he to choose

Literature over Culture

or Astronomy over Alchemy?

And Asimov could go anywhere,

With his reflections about water

On the half-moons of Venus.

With bookcases brushing the ceilings,

And more volumes stacked halfway up walls,

melding the books, shuffling the pages,

was turning out to be the hardest part

of moving in together.


Amid the piles of unsorted memoirs he halted,

His unpacking abandoned.

He remembered the dancing, the dinners,

The walking.

It was easy to place Love before Duty.