The King of Fast Food Burgers

I was browsing through the Daily Hive this afternoon and came across Ian Hunter’s review of the best (and worst) fast food burgers in Canada.

Very long time readers may remember that I have never eaten anything from McDonald’s, so I can’t comment on them (other than that disgusting smell). And it has been several decades since I ate a DQ Burger (and I have been sorely tempted by their recent ads which border on food porn). However, I do love some fast food and I have a definite preference.

As I went through the list, I became ever more excited as DQ, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s were left in the dust.  In the end, I was overjoyed to find that Hunter and I share the opinion that the A&W Burger “is as close to fast food burger perfection as you’ll get. Real cheddar cheese, real bacon, a toasted sesame seed bun, and the symphony of flavours and textures in this burger work in perfect harmony.”   Could not agree more.

Image: Daily Hive

By coincidence, the Visual Capitalist this weekend also had some things to say about fast food.  They reported on a study in The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics which found that “fast food menus are less healthy than they were 30 years ago.” And that is after taking into consideration the salads and other “healthier” choices.

Portions are getting bigger …

… desserts are getting sweeter …

… and the “researchers found that there were 42 more calories on average in items like chips, soups and French fries in 2016 than there were in 1986 [and] sodium content rose to 23.2 percent of the recommended daily allotment from 11.6 percent, even though portion size did not grow substantially.”

I’ll no doubt think about those figures next time I’m chewing down on a TeenBurger.  Oh yeah.

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