Night Music: All Day & All Of The Night

February 12, 2019

In Salsbury Park Today

February 12, 2019


I think all the neighbourhood kids were here this afternoon; they were all over the park, just loving the snow and the slope.

Select the image for a closer view.

Real Parks Or Phoney?

February 12, 2019

I was impressed by the following which I am quoting from the latest Grandview Woodland Area Council (GWAC) newsletter:

“The Clinton Neighbourhood Committee (CNC) recently asked for GWAC support and advice in its effort to raise awareness of its opposition to a synthetic sports field proposal for the Clinton Park, north of 1st Avenue, between Kamloops and Slocan Streets. Synthetic sports field have financial and environmental costs including: loss of earth-based green space which is habitat for worms, insects, and birds; insertion of synthetic pellets which require top-up three times a year; and landfill and total replacement every ten years. Aside from environmental issues,

CNC explained that synthetic fields are fenced and available only to pre-booked sports groups, a stipulation that removes them from public access. Thus, this formerly open, grassed space ceases to be a public park. “Greenest City” indeed. There are already 11 synthetic sports fields in Vancouver, with more to come. Many believe that “improving” existing parks without creating new ones in neighbourhoods slated for densification is a flawed use of resources.

For members concerned about loss of any of our limited public green space in East Vancouver, we recommend visiting the Clinton Neighbourhood Committee’s Facebook page OurNeighourhoodParks for more information and a link to their petition.”

This all ties in, I believe, with CoV Planning’s push for “plazas”, “public squares” and similar unsatisfactory substitutes for real grass and dirt parks.  Concrete and convenience (for them) substituting for fresh air and freedom. The proposal for the plaza at Commercial & Broadway — an expanse of concrete surmounted with noisy elevated Sky Train tracks (no expensive cut and cover subway for us, we are just Eastsiders after all) running almost continuously. Does that sound like a relaxing place to repose with your family for a while?

We are starved of green space and we should insist that CoV Parks Board encourage the development of more genuine dirt and grass parks in Grandview and elsewhere in East Vancouver.