Public Hearing for 815-825 Commercial

A public hearing on the proposed redevelopment of 815-825 Commercial (and 1680 Adanac) is scheduled for 12th February at 6:00pm at City Hall.

The proposal is for a 6-storey mixed use development with commercial at grade and 38 rental units above. There was an open house for the project last April after which I stated my support for most aspects of the design and the mix of apartments proposed.


However, I objected to the project in the end, having noted the following at the open house:

“The very first thing I heard one of the developers’ reps say to someone else as I walked into the presentation room was ‘No, these aren’t designed to be “affordable” units. The one beds will probably start at around $2,200 [a month]’.”

The notice from Vancouver Planning says quite specifically that the units will be “affordable”, but the development documents say they will be “market”.  As we have seen in so many recent developments, City Planning seems to think that $2,200 is affordable for a one-bedroom apartment.  I don’t, and I am sure that the 50% of Vancouver workers who get paid median incomes or lower will also disagree.

If you have concerns or interest, please make yourself available to speak at the public hearing.

One Response to Public Hearing for 815-825 Commercial

  1. Arachides says:

    For a look at the COV’s future for Grandview-Woodland and the nbhd’s along the Broadway subway, to it’s dead end in a peninsula, look at the Western Investor website that describes a bldg at Broadway and Commercial that was sold for 36 million.
    The COV has already upzoned the area, how much ‘ affordable ‘ housing will this site generate?

    In Mount Pleasant North hundreds of people have already been renovicted in anticipation of future COV rezoning approvals needed to feed their bloated bureauacracy.

    On Main St between East 6th and 7th the COV has partnered with developers to build ‘ affordable ‘ rental housing for people making over 106 thousand dollars/yr.

    I didn’t know the Public were expected to feel sorry for and subsidize those making 6 figure incomes..

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