Blurred Vision Again on Broadway Subway

January 23, 2019

Translink has formally decided to scrap any idea of people-and-cost-friendly Light Rapid Transit for any part of the journey along Broadway. They have confirmed their love affair with the more expensive Sky Train system for the line all the way through to UBC, though why this is news amazes me; their decision on this was made many years ago. I went to more than one presentation where it was clear this was the only path they were examining.

Many of us, I believe, had hoped that once we had rid our city of Vision Vancouver and their crony capitalist buddies that this crazy but developer-friendly idea might be scrapped.  Not so, unfortunately. Our new Mayor, a one-for-one substitute for Gregor Robertson — no doubt encouraged by Geoff Meggs from his seat of power in Victoria — is all for the big towers and the expensive hole in the ground.

It will be a boon to UBC, I guess. But will they kick in any cash from their huge endowment?  Not a chance. It is we taxpayers who alone will be obliged to cough up the whole sum.  It will be billions and billions of dollars out of our pockets, funds that could be better used to significantly improve transit right across the city, not just on a one trick pony.

Rapid transit all the way to UBC is a good idea, of course, but the subway (especially underground — an idea done just to please the elite of westside Vancouver who don’t want a far less expensive elevated rail) is the worst possible option as I have written several times before.  Our new City Council is sounding a lot like the last bunch.

Breakfast Today #8

January 23, 2019

One of our favourite breakfasts is vegetable samosa served with a fried egg on top, along with Thai chili sauce and creme fraiche on the side. For some years, we have bought our samosas from the corner store at Commercial and Venables. Unfortunately, some weeks ago, one of their coolers broke down and they haven’t had samosas for sale. We have felt deprived, especially as they can;t tell us when they will be restocking

Luckily, Chef John of Food Wishes came to our rescue with his new recipe for samosadillas — a tortilla-based alternative with a powerfully flavourful filling.  I made several this morning and they were brilliant!  I usually only use my own photos for these food posts, but my camera let me down today and so this is from the Food Wishes site.


I thought I would miss the solid crunch of the deep fried samosa batter but, frankly, I enjoyed these even more. Thank goodness I made a bunch!

Image: Cozy Apartments

January 23, 2019