Night Music: Building A Mystery

January 14, 2019

GWAC Tonight: Meet Councillors!

January 14, 2019

The next Grandview Woodland Area Council (GWAC) general meeting is tonight at 7:00pm. The venue for the meeting has changed to the Mezzanine above the Britannia Ice Rink.

The main topic advertised is:  “Meet new city councillors and discuss the role of neighbourhood residents’ councils.”

I don’t know which councillors in particular will be there, but the topic itself is ripe for discussion after more than a decade in which Vision and its minions heaped abuse at neighbourhood groups.

Poem: Creme Brulee

January 14, 2019


To make a crème brulee

take a luscious creamy custard

and a butane torch

and burn the bugger to bits


cocaine and speed were her butane

her body and brain the custard.

That was her life she was burning

though she thought they were just desserts