Twelfth Night 2019

The weather is so much better than yesterday, but it is still a good day to stay in and dismantle the Christmas tree (and just in time according to tradition).

When the Ever-loving moved to Vancouver almost nineteen years ago, she brought with her two very large boxes of Christmas tree decorations that she had been collecting for decades.  As I had no real history with celebrating Yule, we purchased a new “phony” tree from Metrotown that first year (and I remember almost dying carrying it home to the Drive!) and we have put it up and decorated it just about every year since.  I have gotten to really enjoy it, I have to say, and I have fun putting it up each December.

This year, we had a serious discussion about leaving the tree up all year and decorating it each month with Valentine’s Day hearts, Easter stuff, and similar seasonal materials, but ….

One of the joys of taking it down, though, is re-discovering that our living room is actually a reasonable size when the tree is no longer taking up such a large portion of the room.

It really must be New Year now.

One Response to Twelfth Night 2019

  1. Dorothy D. Barkley says:

    Jak, I share your sentiments completely I am contemplating taking mine down, which is a massive job, and like you I have an artificial tree that I love, but know that the seeming simplicity of the room and the newly reclaimed space will outweigh the pleasure that I have taken from the lighted spectacle of the tree….at least until next year.

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