Sex, Ads, and #MeToo

For decades now, the annual Pirelli calendar has been the most haut of the showing-off-of-bare-breasts-to-sell style of merchandising. New editions were eagerly awaited, fathers passed collections down to their sons, and classic calendars from years past decorated the walls of many garages’ inner sanctums. Now, as we work our way through and beyond the #MeToo issues, Pirelli has decided to change focus — to the photographs rather than the bosoms.

The photographer for this year’s edition is Albert Watson.

Image: Albert Watson

As reported in the Guardian:

Eight years on from Terry Richardson’s 2010 nude blow-out,and a year into the #MeToo era, the 2019 edition of “the cal” features successful women Watson depicts as “pursing her own dreams and passions” in a portfolio titled “dreaming”. The original idea was apparently to tell a story of four sisters living on a ranch in New Mexico and their different paths through life.

Image: Albert Watson

It will be interesting to see if the Pirelli calendar can stand on its own as an art piece.

One Response to Sex, Ads, and #MeToo

  1. we think alike, Jak, I was just reading this in The Guardian, before getting back to work! L


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