Hospital Lotteries — Again

Various hospitals in the Province, institutions that do work I applaud wholeheartedly, are currently conducting their annual fundraising campaigns through CTV News and perhaps other media outlets. We are told that our donations in these prize-giving lotteries will buy equipment urgently required by the Hospital.

The question I have is this: if the equipment really is urgently required, why isn’t the Provincial government paying for it through the taxes it collects from everyone?  Why are hospitals reliant on volunteer donors for this material?

This equipment and these services are either needed or they are not. We either have a public health system paid by us all or we don’t.

Am I missing something?

2 Responses to Hospital Lotteries — Again

  1. Not sure if you will receive this response, Jak – please let me know if you do.

    Just fyi, a few years ago, I was at a meeting of VCH staff and hospital foundation members at which the foundation reps were exhorted to do all they could to raise funds to support VCH activities in their community – much talk about serving clients, the word patients was not used.

    It was an eye opener.

    LA 778.279.2275


    • jakking says:

      Git it, thanks. Seems like a lot of “business” and less about caregiving. I am stumped as to why a public service — such as we profess to have — needs lotteries; same question arises when teachers and PTAs have to raise cash for supplies and equipment.

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