Tonight: Patrick Condon on the Broadway Corridor

November 5, 2018

The next monthly Grandview Woodland Area Council (GWAC) meeting is tonight at 7:00pm, in the Learning Resources Centre under Britannia Public Library on Napier Street.

PATRICK CONDON — whom many would have chosen as first choice for Vancouver’s Mayor had he not had to withdraw for medical reasons — will be speaking on The Broadway Corridor: Transit Options and Affordable Housing.

Professor Condon has written and talked extensively on this subject. His knowledgeable urban planning insights go against the Vision Vancouver plan for Broadway and, I believe, against the new Mayor’s ideas too.

For the moment I am sticking to my anti-subway stance and I am hoping he provides even more evidence to support that position.

This will be too good to miss and I wonder if the space will be big enough for the anticipated audience.  Everyone is welcome!

Image: Lighthouse Park #1

November 5, 2018

Poem: Mayor’s Siesta

November 5, 2018


He snored.

And threads of thoughts of windy days

Rushed by like the rivers of Sierra de Ronda.


He turned.

And the heft and touch of the silken duvet

Slipped across his body like the soft waves of Estepona.


He slept.

And into his reverie the ringing telephone

Floated like a minor chord from a flamenco guitar.


He yawned.

And the dreamy grin of the old pepper merchant

Dissolved like tapas in the mouth of a hungry eater.


He answered.

And the sound of his hoarsely whispered “Ola?”

Crept across his chin like a shovel scraping tar.


He awoke.

And the everyday cares of the little village

Wrapped up his dreams like garbage and threw them afar.