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November 1, 2018

Changes on The Drive #87

November 1, 2018

I managed to get the walk done on Tuesday lunchtime, in that dry patch between the downpours when the cool weather was just perfect for me.

Eggs Canna Dispensary at 2235 Commercial has closed until, it hopes, it can be licensed under the new legalized regulations.  It shut down after a massive closeout sale at the beginning of October.


Tangent Cafe, 2095 Commercial, celebrated its 6th anniversary this past month.

The exotic flavours at the new Elephant Garden Creamery ice cream place at 2080 Commercial get a rave review at Vancouver Is Awesome.

Prado, 1938 Commercial, makes it onto the Hive‘s list of best coffee shops in Vancouver, as does Spade at 1858.

Ar 1818 Commercial, Cannibal Cafe‘s Beast Burger gets a heart-stopping review in the Georgia Straight.

The two lots comprising the old Wonderbucks building at 1801 Commercial was sold on 17th October for $8.61 million.  As I passed by, there was a chap working diligently on papering over the windows.


I’ll have to do some digging and find out who purchased it.  It has been vacant now for 22 months and it wold be good to see some activity there.  I doubt the old building will survive, though.

There is a For Lease sign on the window of Escents aromatherapy store at 1744 Commercial.


Closed, apparently for legal/PR reasons while the new legalized cannabis licensing regime takes shape, is the fairly new KushKlub at 1745 Commercial.


Mintage, the second-hand store de luxe at 1714 Commercial, gets a mention in Vancouver Is Awesome’s list of the city’s best thrift stores AND in their list of Halloween suppliers.

I notice that the upper floor offices of 1448 Commercial are vacant and for lease. That used to be Spartano’s Notary office, I am sure.  Their realty company started doing business on the Drive in the 1960s.

The former Al-Basha space at 1399 Commercial has been taken over for a new bakery and restaurant called Livia. It is undergoinf major renovation and is expected to open sometime this winter.

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Sascha Thompson, owner of The FlowerBox at 1319 Commercial, was interviewed about the cost of property taxes which, in her case, she says, have risen to about $700 a month and which has forced her to cut down on business.

It is good to see that Havana has reopened at 1212 Commercial after their fire.

Sula, the Indian restaurant at 1128 Commercial, receives a good review at 604 Now.

The election is over and One City has moved away, so the REACH storefront at 1151 was vacant once again. However, I hear that My Sister’s Closet thrift store is moving into the space for the next few months, perhaps as soon as today!

Joe’s Grill at 952 Commercial is closed for renovations until early this month. I guess they can see a decent future for the place now that the wellness clinic next door is attracting clients.

At 931 Commercial, Little Miss Vintage gets a good mention in Vancouver Is Awesome’s list of thrift stores.


Vacancies on the Drive this month:  2235 Commercial (1 month vacant), 2240 (8 months), 2082 (10  months), 2086 (10 months), 2088 (10 months), 1812 (8 months), 1810 (8 months), 1801 (22 months), 1745 (1 month), Strawberry Bakery site in Il Mercado (46 months), 1409 (2 months), 1408 (7 months), 1399 (3 months), 1303 (23 months), 1268 (14 months), 1151 (1 month)


For those interested in the potential future of retail shopping, here is a fascinating view from the World Economic Forum. Well worth the 1:44.


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