Dinner Tonight #51

October 30, 2018


Tonight, for the first time, I made a clam chowder.  It was great!

Night Music: Watching The Wheels

October 30, 2018

Important Date For Calendar: Condon On The Broadway Corridor

October 30, 2018

The next monthly Grandview Woodland Area Council (GWAC) meeting is on Monday 5th November at 7:00pm, in the Learning Resources Centre under Britannia Public Library on Napier Street.  (Note that the GWAC email says 6:00p,m, but this is an error and will be corrected, I understand.)

PATRICK CONDON — whom many would have chosen as first choice for Vancouver’s Mayor had he not had to withdraw for medical reasons — will be speaking on The Broadway Corridor: Transit Options and Affordable Housing.

Professor Condon has written and talked extensively on this subject. His knowledgeable urban planning insights go against the Vision Vancouver plan for Broadway and, I believe, against the new Mayor’s ideas too.

For the moment I am sticking to my anti-subway stance and I am hoping he provides even more evidence to support that position.

This will be too good to miss and I wonder if the space will be big enough for the anticipated audience.  Everyone is welcome!