First Thoughts On The Day After

October 21, 2018

My immediate reaction was disappointment; only 12 of my 27 picks were successfully elected yesterday.

The new party I had pinned some hopes on — ProVancouver — put on a decent campaign but their mayoral candidate (my choice) finished 7th, and the most successful of their Council candidates collected less than 9,000 votes, coming in about 46th in line. And while COPE managed to get Jean Swanson onto Council, the vibrant insurgent candidacies of Derricke O’Keefe and Anne Roberts could only manage 14th and 16th places.

Moreover, on Council, the power of the party slate showed itself to still be the key factor, relegating all the independents to the nether regions.  This is no advance in democracy, just a shifting sand.

However, to look  on the bright side, there are potentially six progressive votes on Council against five for the NPA, and hopefully that need for majority can move Mayor Stewart away from his VIsionista leanings toward significantly more progressive and community-minded policies.

Even more satisfying is the virtual elimination of Vision (left with just a single School Board seat), the failure of OneCity to take Vision’s place, and the utter destruction of the build4greed proponents, YES and AHV Vancouver. Ten years of that nonsense under Robertson was quite enough for the sensible citizens of Vancouver.

The big lesson?  The right wing parties simply cannot afford the splits that we saw this year (in Vancouver and Surrey), and we on the progressive left need to keep encouraging them.



Image: Life Like A Movie

October 21, 2018