Night Music: The Night A Dream Came True

September 6, 2018


Perhaps one of the most moving moments in TV history.

David Chen: A Possible Mayor

September 6, 2018

I have for some weeks now been leaning toward supporting David Chen of ProVancouver in the upcoming mayoral election.  I have been impressed with his ideas and I am even more so now that I have listened to a very useful 30-minute interview he had with Business in Vancouver and which they have released as an audio.

There are certainly some issues on which he and I would have differences of opinion, but far fewer than I would have with any one of the other nine or ten candidates, I am sure. But the important part of this interview is that any reasonable person listening, without endorsing any of his policies, would agree that this is a solid serious candidate.  As a newcomer with a new party, that’s a vital first step.

With Chen as mayor and with a Council majority made up of ProVancouver, COPE, and Green councillors, perhaps Vancouver can finally start hoping for better and more compassionate days ahead.