Important Consultations On Substance Abuse

September 5, 2018

The Feds are looking for input to improve the Canadian Drugs and Substances Strategy.  The details are here on the Health Canada site.  They are looking to hear from:

  • people with lived and living experience with substance use, including those in recovery
  • Indigenous peoples, organizations, communities and leadership
  • substance use healthcare professionals and service providers
  • experts in substance use prevention, treatment, harm reduction and drug regulation/enforcement
  • civil society and community groups working in areas related substance use, or social determinants of substance use
  • substance use researchers and academics

The consultation time period started today and goes on to 4th December.

Thanks to Dorothy for letting me know about this.


A Handy Service Indeed!

September 5, 2018

Over the years, I have suffered a number of medical emergencies and I have been happy to report on the excellent service I have received from BC’s first responders and medical services (see, for example, here and here).  Today, I want to ladle out praise to an unsung group of folks in the medical care continuum — the HandyDart drivers and managers.

Some months ago, as my conditions changed, my hospital visits to see specialists became more frequent, and my ability to cope with bus schedules and, most especially, walking at both ends of the trip slipped. The alternative being taxis each way at $20 a pop, I applied for and was granted permission to access HandyDart at $2.95 a trip.  I have now used it perhaps ten or a dozen times, each driver being different.

Without exception, I have found all the drivers to be immensely helpful, knowledgeable about the care and handling of seniors far more medically compromised than me, and happy to chat or stay silent as the passengers deem fit. They seem to be the most careful and considerate drivers in the city, obeying every rule and speed limit, and far more patient than I ever was as a driver.

And I have nothing but praise for the staff I interact with when making bookings or changes to scheduled trips. They, too, have been uniformly pleasant and efficient.

Yes, I know, some people have complaints about the HandyDart service and I am sorry they feel that way. But maybe I have been lucky; for me their service has been spectacular and, frankly, faultless.  They are yet another vital string in the bow of BC’s wonderful medical system.

Image: Still Life #1

September 5, 2018