Where Are The Young When We Need Them?

I’m going to make the claim that we need to blame the continuance of Trump and Trumpism on the failure of the millennials to rise up and protest.

Why are there not millions on the street protesting the child kidnappings, the steady erosion of womens’ rights, the failure to provide decent health coverage, the withering of education, the rapid elimination of safety and environmental regulations? A handful of kids protesting lack of gun control is good, but that’s a mere pinprick compared to enormous riotous gatherings, campus uprisings week after week, and endless TV coverage of mass opposition.

What we are facing today is just as bad as the Vietnam War; perhaps worse because this is happening in our own backyards and not thousands of miles away. In the 1960s, we then-young boomers couldn’t stop the war and bring Civil Rights advances all by ourselves; but the millions of bodies on the street, day after day, week after week made these victories certain in the end.

I’m content to blame the boomers — me and the rest of us — for the state we are in: Our failure to fulfil the revolutionary hopes of our youthful years and our willingness to be sucked into the self-satisfactory consumer-capitalist maw is a blot on our generation. But we are old now, and the failure of the millennials to rise up and take our place in the vanguard of human progress is a huge disappointment. Can they really be satisfied with their new toys and geegaws while the world goes to hell?


One Response to Where Are The Young When We Need Them?

  1. sherryking says:

    In the enduring words of Coretta Scott King, “struggle is a never ending process. Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in every generation.”

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