Rezoning Grandview: The Next Step

After a couple of Open Houses, and a local discussion at GWAC, the plan to rezone wide stretches of Grandview for townhouses and similar structures along arterials in the neighbourhood such as Nanaimo and E. First is going to City Council on Tuesday 5th June.

The presumption is that Council will refer the report to a public hearing at some point in the near future, which will allow us all to have our five minutes of time to speak our minds.

Personally, I approve the addition of a lot more multi-family buildings in Grandview.  However, unless we guarantee through regulation that they can be afforded by the median income family in Vancouver, then let us not kid ourselves that this is helping the affordability crisis.  As I showed in my short video of some months back, these kinds of market developments are not only unaffordable to the majority, they often destroy currently affordable accommodation.


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