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June 1, 2018

Changes On The Drive #82

June 1, 2018

A beautiful walk down the Drive yesterday; cool weather, no threat of rain, delightful.

St. Augustine’s at 2360 Commercial, gets rave reviews for its tacos.

At 2260, which has been vacant for a few months, we now have The Physio’s Shop. I assume it is a medical practice.

Across the street, 2247 Commercial is still closed, and being renovated for a Poke 5 franchise — still coming soon.

The old Bon Bon Laundry at 2058 Commercial is now papered over, so I guess it finally closed.  There had been a for lease sign on the building for months.

I still keep hearing that Falconetti’s at 1810-1812 Commercial is planning to renovate.  However, after another month, no work seems to have begun.

Mezcaleria at 1622 Commercial gets another rave review, and also gets listed in Scout’s best brunch list.

The Arriva Restaurant at 1537 Commercial seems to be getting an exterior face-lift. They have just started so I am not sure how major the changes will be at this point.

In last month’s Changes I noted the closure of Bao Down at 1408 Commercial. However, their sign about restaurants on the Drive closing notwithstanding, the same owners claim to be refurbishing the joint and relaunching as Nacho Loco, a Mexican cantina.  Right now, though, I can see no work progressing and I am calling it closed.

Elizabeth Bakery, which sublet the space at 1399 Commercial, from All Basho, has closed. I heard from someone that the restaurant thought there was a misunderstanding and was surprised to see them go. However, I was also told he was charging the bakery $5,000 a month rent for that small space, so I am not at all surprised. There is also talk that, unable to find another tenant for the sublet, All Basho is also likely to close within the next month or so.

Famoso Pizzeria at 1380 Commercial (and elsewhere) has been purchased by Frank Di Benedetto’s FDF Restaurant Brandz which also owns the Ricky’s and Fatburger chains.

Memphis Blues, 1364 Commercial, with its bright new awning, also makes the list for best tacos in town.

At 1212 Commercial, the refurbished and re-opened Havana continues to get press. 

There is another good review of Kulinarya Filipino Eatery at 1134 Commercial; this one from the Globe & Mail.

1110 Commercial is now the Hustle Pizza place, having morphed this month from Mega Pizza.


Next door, at 1106, which used to be Urban Empire until it closed almost 4 years ago, I believe I saw some work going on inside the store.  It would be great to have that space opened up again after so long.

The space at 956 Commercial, where Bosa Foods used to be, is undergoing a major renovation.  The windows are still papered over but I have caught some glimpses of the work going on inside and I suspect it will be a medical facility of some kind — perhaps a therapeutic massage place, or a large clinic.  They seem to be working on it full time, so hopefully we will get to see it soon.

Across the street, Deserts at 905 Commercial is gone after 20 years:  It is being renovated and is soon to be a chicken joint extension of Merchants Workshop.


Vacant/closed/renovating stores on the Drive this month:  2247 (2 months vacant), 2240 (3 months), 2082 (5 months), 2084 (5 months), 2086 (5 months), 2088 (5 months), 2058 (1 month), 1810 (3 months), 1812 (3 months), 1803 (17 months), former Strawberry Bakery in Il Mercato Mall (41 months), 1408 (2 months), 1399 (1 month), 1303 (19 months), 1268 (9 months), 1151 (5 months), 1106 (47 months), 956 (7 months), 905 (1 month).



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