Clark & East First Avenue Proposal

Back in February, I reported on a major new development project happening on the City-owned and barely used block on the north-east corner of Clark Drive & First Avenue.  When it was first announced I stated my support for the concept. Since then, we have seen some preliminary signs and renderings.

It is by any measure a large scale project.  However, for once I think the Planning Department has chosen an excellent spot for such a large building, at or near the lowest point in Grandview, allowing the building to flow sensibly uphill.  With the additional information to hand, I continue to be a supporter and hope that it gets built.  (My only concerns are noise and pollution mitigation at a very busy intersection).

Needless to say, that is not the opinion of a lot of people in Grandview that I know and trust. But this time, I believe they are wrong and making the wrong complaints about the wrong building. I am dismayed to learn, just last night, that even the GWAC Board has taken a position opposing the scale — though interestingly not the concept nor the location — of the affordable housing/detox centre at First & Clark.

GWAC’s regular monthly meeting on Monday June 4th at 7:00pm in the LTC under Britannia Library will primarily concentrate on this development, with a panel discussion comprised of Vancouver Coastal Health, BC Housing, City of Vancouver, and the project architects.  That will be worth hearing.

The City will be holding an Open House about the same proposal on Monday June 11, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm in Room 1236, Building B at VCC 1155 E. Broadway (access of E. 7th Avenue).

3 Responses to Clark & East First Avenue Proposal

  1. Alex Greenfields says:

    I think the noise and pollution at such sites is a huge problem. I don’t know why the City is always zoning increased density in the worst locations. Nobody with a choice would ever want to live there. To make matters worse builders in this city never install enough sound insulation, so I can virtually guarantee it will be torture to live there as the trucks thunder past all day.

  2. Jo Dunaway says:

    I attended the first Open House at VCC and found the architect drawings of the proposed building very upsetting. It is a huge unattractive monster best described as in the Soviet Brutish style. A 10 story slab of a building filling an entire block in a neighbourhood of small apartment buildings, older houses, and co-ops. There is a co-op right behind this proposed building, my own co-op is less than a block away. There is no attempt to make it fit into the neighbourhood — admittedly difficult for something that size. The impression is of a container for people who have few choices of where to live. The corner of 1st & Clark is one of the busiest, nosiest spots in Vancouver — on both a truck route and a commuter route. vAlthough a representive from the City said that probably only one-third of the 70 to 100 suites would be offered at social housing rates. The others would be market rent rates. It’s difficult to imagine someone choosing to live there if they have any other recourse.

    I am an avid supporter of affordable housing, I recognize and support the need for a centre for treatment and transition and training opportunities. I am opposed to the size, the design, and the disruptive result the proposed building complex will have on this neighbourhood. Surely there is a better way to do this.

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