Historic Software

May 29, 2018

I have been viewing CGI movies of historical sites and periods with an eye to patterns of urban growth. In particular, this one that takes detailed looks at Paris through various periods within 2000 years of development.


I’m not in a position to argue for or against the historical truth of any of the images imagined, but they sure make the study interesting.  The highly mobile views create an exciting learning experience and just about enough time was spent on each chronological example to keep both the information and the visual activity flowing.

The wonders of super-fast processing would have little value without the content to make it worthwhile. And thanks to YouTube.

The Impromptu Rock Choir: Tonight!

May 29, 2018

Tonight is Van Morrison night for the no-rehearsal, no-experience-required, all-abilities Impromptu Rock Choir which meets and sings every Tuesday night at the WISE Hall on Adanac.

Tonight from 7:30pm they will be rocking out to “Brown Eyed Girl” and other favourites.

They meet here every Tuesday and they have a website.  Come along and join in just for the fun of it!

Image: And The Trees Danced

May 29, 2018